Legal Notice

1. Legal notice and acceptance

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the service of the Internet portal,,,,, and (hereafter, the "Portal") that DEVICARE (hereafter "THE OWNER") makes available to the Internet users. The use of the Portal gives the condition of Portal user (hereafter, the "User") and entails the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every clause included in this Legal Notice.

Consequently, the user must carefully read this Legal Notice each time they intend to use the Portal, as it may be modified.

THE OWNER reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior warning, the presentation and configuration of the Portal, as well as the Services and the conditions required to use the Portal and Services

2. General Information

The owner of this Site is DEVICARE, SL. with Registered office in Cerdanyola del Vallès 08193, Avda. Can Domènech s/n, Edificio Eureka. Parc de Recerca de la UAB and tax code B-65663122, inscribed in the Companies Register of Barcelona 266/31143844 on 27/10/2011, Volume 42878, Folio 176, Sheet B417199, Entry 1.

3. Conditions of access and use of the portal

3.1. Veracity of the information

All information that the User provides through contact forms must be true. To this effect, the user guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated.

Similarly, it will be the User's responsibility to keep all the information provided to THE OWNER up to date at all times in accordance with the real situation of the User. In any event the user will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and for any damages caused to THE OWNER or third parties by the information provided.

3.2. Obligation to make proper use of the Portal and Services

The user shall use the Portal and Services in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice, and other warnings, regulations for use and instructions known to them, and with generally accepted good conduct and morals and public order.

For this purpose, the user undertakes to refrain from using any of the Services for illicit purposes or effects, prohibited in this Legal Notice, that may be detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties, or that can in any way damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the Services, the IT equipment or the documents, files and all types of material stored on any computer of THE OWNER, other users or any Internet user.

All the industrial and intellectual ownership rights of the website, and of the elements contained therein (including, among others, images, text, etc.) belong to THE OWNER.

3.3. Liability for damages

The user will be held responsible for the damages of any nature that THE OWNER may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of breach of any of the obligations derived from the Legal Notice or the law regarding the use of the Portal and, in particular, shall refrain from:

(a) Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or any other manner of publicly communicating, converting or modifying the Content, except with the authorisation of the holder of the corresponding rights or when this is legally permitted.

(b) Suppressing, manipulating or altering in any way the "copyright" and other identification data of the reservation of rights of THE OWNER or its owners, of the digital fingerprints or any other technical means established for its recognition.

The user shall refrain from obtaining and even attempting to obtain the Contents, using for this purpose media or procedures other than those, depending on the case, that have been made available for this purpose or have been indicated for this purpose on the web pages where the Content is found or, in general, where they are habitually used on the Internet for this purpose provided this does not entail a risk of harm or disabling of the Portal, Services and/or Content

3.4. Introduction of hyperlinks to allow access to the pages of the Portal and Services.

The Users and, in general, people who are considering establishing a hyperlink between their website and the Portal (hereafter, the “Hyperlink") must fulfil the following conditions:

(a) They shall not make false, inexact or improper statements or indications about THE OWNER, their employees, the web pages of the Portal and the Services provided.

(b) They will not state or imply that THE OWNER has authorised the hyperlink or that has supervised or undertaken in any way the services offered or places available on the website where the hyperlink is established.

(c) The website where the hyperlink is established will not contain illicit information or material, contrary to morals and generally accepted good conduct and public order, and will not contain material contrary to third-party rights.

The creation of the hyperlink does not in any case imply the existence of a relationship between THE OWNER and the owner of the website where the link is established, nor the acceptance of approval by THE OWNER of their material or services.

4. Absence of licence

All brand names, trademarks or distinctive symbols of any type that appear on the Portal, and the material, belong to THE OWNER, and it may not be construed that the use of or access to the Portal attributes any rights to the aforementioned brands, trademarks and/or distinctive symbols and material to the User.

5. Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

The Regulations for Use that are in this Legal Agreement are governed by Spanish Law. Both THE OWNER and the Users of the Site agree that any discrepancies that may arise regarding the interpretation, compliance and/or execution of these regulations will be expressly subject to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts and Tribunals of the address of THE OWNER, expressly waiving any other that may correspond.